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1. Geopolitical conflicts – that did not stop after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the «end of history»- continue amid crisis, with more intensity, leaving always open the threat of a world war. Moreover, the long wave of recession of the rotted and bankrupt capitalism, along with the financial crisis and the restoration of social cannibalism, contribute to the emergence of the hated face of fascism, that is always accompanied by the misanthropy of notions of “pure race”, obscurantism and anti-communist fury. In this sense, the events in Ukraine exemplify crisis touching the ground and constituting a scope of anew compliance to the worldwide ruler.

2. Over, and -mostly- inside Ukraine, takes place a confrontation between the hegemonic imperialist bloc of US and EU (the main force of the latter being Germany) and Russia, the former two claiming furiously Ukraine for the western sphere of influence. The detachment even of a part of Ukraine by the West from the developing Eurasian bloc, would be a strategic victory for weakening a strong opponent. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to enforce the semi-fasist Kiev government, that is connected with the German and American capital (which are also in competition), throughout the whole country because on the Crimean peninsula lies the Russian naval base, the only spot that gives Russia access to southern seas. The chances for the fascist uprising (which was funded and openly politically supported by the EU and the U.S.) to be accepted bloodlessly by Putin’s Russia, or without at least the dismemberment of the country, is unlikely. Russia, that will inevitably defend Crimea even with military means, hosts Yanukovych and is offering passports to the cadres of the armed forces that do not obey the new government. Besides, Ukraine is divided into 24 regions and one autonomous republic, part of the Ukrainian state, that of the Crimea. Among others, historical ties exist. Ukraine was one of the first Soviet republics and it was in 1923 that it first gained statehood. Besides, Crimea has always belonged to the Russian state and was transferred to Ukrainian authority for bureaucratic reasons of balances only in 1954, with a controversial decision by Khrushchev. It was to be expected, as a result of the nationalist campaign for setting up an “one-nation” Ukraine, that the pending Crimean issue would arise again. Moreover, in Ukraine live 45 million people, of which 25 are Russian-speaking, the transactions with Russia concern 25-30% of the economy and under these conditions its attempted seizure by the West could not pass unanswered.

3. The depth of the capitalist crisis and Ucraine’s inability to pay interests and repayments of public debt, played an important role in the development of events. This is perceived if one follows the events leading up to November 21, when negotiations broke down, negotiations not involving the integration of Ukraine into the EU, but a trade pact for customs union, priced at 600 million dollars. Yanukovych was elected President of Ukraine in February 2010 against Yulia Tymoshenko. The latter soon after became a prisoner because of her involvement in corruption scandals, but was recently released during the fascist uprising. Yanukovych, who did not have a fixed pro-Russian stance, had initially turned to the IMF in order to address the debt problem, but then denied the hard terms imposed by it, terms equivalent to those imposed by the IMF everywhere. And at that point began the negotiations with Russia, that is willing to cover much of the debt offering 15 billions, low-interest loans, and very cheap natural gas.

4. The Orange Revolution of 2004 led by Yushchenko and, later, Tymoshenko, the openly anti-communist rhetoric and the even -in some parts- pro-Nazi propaganda (Nazis who fought alongside Hitler were established as national heroes), paved the political way on which the Nazis of «Svoboda» and «Right Sector» stepped. The henceforth governmental bloc consists of three parties: (former’s Prime Minister Tymoshenko) “Fatherland” (Batkivschina) which is the largest, led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk who is preffered by the U.S.;UDAR, led by Vitaly Klitschko, oriented mainly to Germany and finally the party «Freedom» (Svoboda), led by Oleg Tyagnibok. If Udar and Fatherland are two parties that run between right and far-right (between ND and LAOS in Greek terms), Svoboda is a Ukrainian fascist party that until recently was called National Socialist, while the «Right Sector» is a pure Nazi front already polling 10% and now holding strategic positions (National Security and Defense Council) within the government, alongside the multitudinous participation of Svoboda.

5. The capitalist crisis, with the high public debt, by reducing the value of labor power, and with the anti-people policies of the bourgeois regime of Yanukovych have created a flammable social background; rage is dissipating diversely. The «Maidan» movement -meaning «square» in Ukrainian- is led from the first weeks by the fascists, who claimed and secured (after they first crushed lefties and anarchists) the monopoly of their presence. From the first days of December there were announcements of both the Ukrainian CP and other leftist and anarchist organizations showing that the fascists have complete control over the movement. The fascist gangs of «Svoboda» and » Right Sector» from November 21 until February 22, through harsh clashes with riot police, by occupying public governmental buildings, by rejecting the initial EU draft for the constitution of a “national unity” government, by their ideological anticommunist propaganda accompanied with the destruction of Lenin’s monuments, of heroes’ of the Soviet army monuments and of the offices of the CP and other leftist organizations, while honoring their respective Battalionists of the Second World War period, forced the previous government to flee and occupied power by armed means, thus demonstrating how a political staff can impose, on its own plan, a successful rebellion and as well revealing the hypocrisy of «democratic» Europe -the Greek government’s as well- that rushed from the very first moment to recognize the new government although it emerged through an armed uprising. That is something for them to remember when their time comes. And if their memory won’t help them, we shall remind them.

6. The first measures of the fascist government had to come, before the giggly Left stopped to enthusiastically welcome the “spontaneous movement of the Ukrainian people”! Measures such as the prohibition of activity of the Communist Party, the repeal of the law criminalizing the Nazi propaganda, the appointment of members of the Nazi «Svoboda» party to key positions in the state apparatus, the abolition of the right of minorities to use their language (Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek languages were banned) notwithstanding the Russian-speaking population is more than half the population of Ukraine. These are the tangible results of an orientation-crisis of the Ukrainian oligarchs; but the outcome of this conflict is non significant(!) for the “pure” Left, those communists and anarchists who…failed to see the upcoming fascist coup, and wathched with their hands in their pockets while drooling something about intra-imperialist rivalries. We can imagine that in 1933 all of them would have just casually watched the Nazis grabing the power from the crumbling Weimar Republic, making similar annotations like these: “another intra-bourgeois conflict that does not concern us. We shall deal only with the workplaces and the real problems of the people and the country”.

7. The fascist uprising in Ukraine, is an emphatic refutation of all those who uncritically defend the «spontaneous movement of the masses«. It flatly refutes the principle of “pure and unmediated struggle”, imposes the necessity of discrimination between politically organized labor movement (class for itself) from the working class (as a class in itself), demonstrates the blindness that can be caused by the glorification of an exploited class before it becomes a class for itself. The social composition of an insurrection or the participation of labour strata in the events is not a safe criterion to take position about the events. Besides, even those who wink at the uprising do not hide that at Maidan there was not even the slightest participation of the proletariat. The forces of bourgeois reaction and bourgeois counterrevolution, in every corner of the world, prove themselves to adopt, in a qualitatively higher level, the practices of left-leaning insurrections. Thus the ultimate criterion to take a position is what political forces dominate each time, each movement. After all, the paradox is that the model of an armed insurrection that had been exorcised by the «mass and from below» Left of the “democratic” road, is adopted by the most hated enemy to consolidate capitalist power.

8. The «renewing», «non-dogmatic» Left of Enlightenment, takes such a stance towards the events in Ukraine that comes to prove them once again being neither democratic nor left. The «politically correct» DIMAR, sensitive in defending capitalist democratic institutions, has no problem with the overthrow of a legally elected government by a fascist coup, as long as it ensures the European course of Ukraine. The only concern of DIMAR is to alternate themselves from «left negativism» and to caress the ears of bourgeois respectability.

9. SYRIZA in its statement defends the territorial integrity of Ukraine, normalcy, peace, and the implementation of the UN Charter(!), paralleling the events in Ukraine with the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. If there was a question of defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine, that would only make sense in the removal of the fascist government. Defending the national borders is not an inviolable principle for the Left . If tomorrow, the Russian-speaking eastern part of Ukraine uprises seeking self-determination, the Left oughts to recognize the right to self-determination. The Russian ethnicity has every right to defend itself against the pogroms being prepared and proclaimed openly by the fasists scums of Kiev, under the auspices of the U.S. and the EU. The right to self-determination and state separation stands above every tale about the inviolability of national borders set by the Yalta Conference. The appeal for normalcy and peace through «democratic institutions» of the EU, in a country where power is seizured by armed fascists, is unacceptable, and is dragging the labor movement to inertia and definite defeat. Similarly, every appeal to avoid a civil war is another meaningless moralization, of the kind that the obsolete pacifist Left is used to make. Crushing the fascists is impossible without a civil war, unless one believes that they will leave by elections.

10. The crisis in Ukraine is not simply an intra-bourgeois, intra-imperialist conflict as both KKE and ANTARSYA and various other organizations of the Left affirm. It is a successful fascist coup in the heart of Europe, at the time of a crisis that produces political attitudes favoring the fascist alternative across Europe. The Ukrainian Left’s and the communists’ duty, towards an armed fascist uprising, is not “to highlight the real problems of the people” [ANTARSYA] , (well truly, which are these problems anyway, just the debt and the IMF?); and “the only way for the Ukranian people to isolate fascism»[KKE], that was brought to power by a movement, is nothing else than an anti- fascist armed rebellion. The prospect of an armed confrontation with the fascist government of Ukraine is what should be propounded by leftists, communists, anarchists, and the organized labor movement in Ukraine, setting up armed militias, which would allow them tomorrow to claim the entire power in Ukraine, crushing fascist reaction and all the trends of the oligarchy that are willing to support any power as long as it ensures their profits. And in such a perspective should the international forces of the Left, the communists and the anarchists, strengthen ideologically, politically and organizationally. That is the only way to take Putin, all together with his mouthpieces, out of play. But this is not for the European Left to take care of; but of Ukrainian and Russian Left. The European Left must deal with the “feats” of its own imperialism and stop hiding behind the anti-militarist manifestos of Russian Left. The left anti-Russian rhetoric when parroted by the Western Left serves only to give an alibi to the dominant imperialist propaganda of the U.S. and the EU. The kind of European Left that has become abject by seeing -along with the Western bosses- “Russian imperialists” everywhere, must remember this: «the main enemy is at home!»

11. In such a violent showdown, revolutionary communism must clearly choose sides, as would have chosen in August 1917 in Russia, in Italy in 1922, Germany in 1933, Spain in 1936; without any political support to the likes of Yanukovych and the pro-Russian bourgeoisie that supports him, in the same way that the fight against the fascists or any bourgeois military coup did not mean any participation or support to any democratic bourgeois government (and let’s not forget: such was the government in 1936’s Spain). The trite speeches for peace are not worth a dime when the cannons start to fire. Unless it is an unjust war from all sides. As long the western Ukraine undergoes -or is rather forced under the fascist terror to undergo- the semi-fasist government of Kiev, we wholeheartedly support any move that will lead or assist the fascists’ crush. That is the immediate and urgent task at this time in the Ukrainian question. Ukraine can claim unity only under a regime that does not raise questions of being to any ethnicity and minority living in the country and under which there will be no place for Nazi gangs that threaten to physically eliminate the Left and the organized labor movement. Any ad hoc alliance on this perspective is legitimate and necessary. Finally, it is for certain that the crush of praetorian fascist agents of western imperialism would please the millions of sansculottes in Venezuela respectively facing a counter-revolutionary coup in their country, under the auspices of the ruler and global guarantor of rotten capitalist system. And it would also please all the people around the world that instinctively wish for the conquest not only of Kiev but even of Berlin. A defeat that would also be felt by the European imperialism who does not hesitate -in order to achieve its geopolitical objectives- to work along with the fascist underworld. Let us clear this out: in a confrontation where on the one side stand the followers of Hitler and Stepan Bandera brandishing their swastikas, threatening to establish the first fascist regime in Europe after the Second World War and on the other side stand people defending the statues of Lenin and anti-fascist struggle, we unreservedly choose camp. In the same way that we would have chosen camp if on the one hand was ELAS and on the other the Security Battalions. Let the rest cry for peace, for the borders of Yalta Conference, for the civil war that knocks on the door of capitalist – but “civilized”- Europe. 100 years after 1914, and six years after 2008, the war meets the crisis in Central Europe. And, as has happened in similar cases, the sturdiness of the Left is simultaneously tested, particularly of the Left in the imperialist metropolies, of that Left that is hiding behind any kind of ideological constructs only to refuse to take sides, if not becoming the tail of their own bourgeoisie. Anyway, we support the defeat of our imperialism simultaneously with the crushing of the fascist underworld in Kiev.

  • Against the ban on communist activity in Ukraine
  • Against every law abolishing the rights of the Russian ethnicity, and every ethnic and religious minority
  • Defend the demands of the oppressed nationalities, even that of state separation
  • Strengthen every struggle contributing to the overthrow of the fascist government of Ukraine
  • Down with the oligarchs! Down with imperialism! Socialist Revolution in Ukraine and all Europe!

Κομμουνιστική Επαναστατική Δράση

Communist Revolutionary Action





translated by TeoCubanos


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