No to any memorandum extension agreement! Let’s Block the bourgeois counterinsurgency!


Despite the desperate efforts of the Greek government to sign the extension of the memorandum, which goes together with the associated tough measures (increasing the retirement age by 10 years, collecting 1.3 billion euros from VAT, maintaining the ENFIA tax, accepting privatisations of Elliniko, airports, ports, energy, gambling etc, increasing the insurance contributions that workers and pensioners pay, abolishing the EKAS from 2018, accepting cuts of 1.8 billion euros to the insurance system as well as destructive surpluses of 1% this year, 2% in 2016, 3% in 2017 and 3.5% in perpetuum), the lenders – through the IMF – are demanding even tougher measures: they require the abolition of EKAS  as well as the reduction of pensions and salaries right here right now, that from July the 1st nobody may retire before the 67th year of age (what about the cops, really?) and also the withdrawal of the slight burdens that the Greek government proposed to impose on capital (29% tax for companies, an increase to the solidarity tax that high income-earners and those who with profits over half a million euros have to pay, a digital signal tax and a tax for fast mobile internet), putting an end to any , even symbolic, effort to make the capitalists pay for something – and at the same time putting an end to any excuses that SYRIZA might make about a “fair and proportionate burden sharing”. From now on, anyone who speaks of “mutually beneficial agreements”, “honorable compromises” and other equivalent euphemisms is either naive or a lackey of the bourgeoisie.

This is a total disgrace that must not pass under any circumstances. After the 47-page proposal + the 8-page appendix + the second 10-page appendix of Monday, it is obvious that the government of SYRIZA and ANEL accepts every memorandum commitment going as far as to promise the approval of the deal in the parliament, setting aside all the “creative ambiguities” and “flexibilities” of February the 20th.

Despite any plans that Tsipras and his conclave might have, however, nothing is over yet. At this critical moment, the struggle we need to wage is to not allow any memorandum to pass, in any way and in any form. Those who disagree with the memorandum within Syriza have already started whining, mourning that “we are not ready for a rupture”. The left outside of Syriza, almost in its entirety, believe that everything is over and are readying themselves to pick up what is left from the crumbs of frustration that will fall from the table after the illusions of SYRIZA are exposed. After all, SYRIZA got 37% of the vote; there will certainly be something for them there.

However, the role of the Left is neither to have its prophecies confirmed nor to patiently wait to be justified at the Second Coming. Little are we interested in the unmasking of the true role of SYRIZA to the people’s consciousness. The goal now is to sabotage the forthcoming agreement. What we are interested in is the collapse of the attempt to impose new memoranda, the shattering of the class peace that has been going on for the last three years. Let the Greek debt burst in the face of global capitalism, let Greece become the new Lehman Brothers of the finance bubble.

Instead of pretending to be a clairvoyant, the Left would be better off dealing with the tasks of today.

1st task: The deal must not pass, whether this happens by accident or because the government loses the parliamentary majority.

2nd task: Should, for any reason, the negotiations not lead to an agreement, we need to address the tasks of the day after without any delay. Should the bourgeois human dust attempt a Euro-Maidan, a velvet parliamentary coup or a cacerolazo movement in the streets, this bourgeois counterinsurgency must be crushed without any second thoughts. A total recall of the state of emergency will not be aimed so much at the overthrow of SYRIZA and the reinstatement of the clear-cut bourgeois parties in the government, but at the final rematch against the movement that fought out in the streets to overthrow the memoranda. Let everyone understand very clearly that such a development will not be a simple change of governments, which will bring things back to the way they were back in 2012-13. Along with the return of the memorandum champions, their fascist wing (Golden Dawn) will also return – purified from its criminal past and ready to resume action in the new situation.
Nobody can spend these days simply monitoring the developments and pretending that it is none of their business. No neutrality can be justified in these critical moments.

We repeat: the government wants to sign, but the internal and external troika are not satisfied with just that. They require something more than the government’s signature, and that is the absolute humiliation of the Left represented by Tsipras, Varoufakis and Tsakalotos. They are not only trying to reinstate their own people in the government. They are not only trying to send a political message to the subordinate classes that
“There Is No Alternative” and that the Left is incapable of anything other than talking big. They also do not trust the implementation of such a harsh programme in the hands of the SYRIZA-ANEL government.

If the government does not yield to the pressure, this may lead to a new “extension” of the negotiations – but this time without any more ELA, with empty ATMs and with the right-wing (maybe in coalition with the fascists and with the help of the deep state) out in the streets, screaming and threatening to invade the parliament and the prime minister’s office. For as long as the Left and the movement are absent from the streets, having lost their voices or while simply waiting to be ideologically justified, the way will be open for two scenarios: either Tsipras signing an agreement under the pressure of the bourgeois reaction, or the mechanisms of the bourgeois class together with the deep state appointing a new government using extra-institutional means.

On Thursday, a Summit of critical importance will take place after today’s Eurogroup, during which the ultimatum of the IMF was updated. The workers’ movement must be out in the streets, while the Euro-worshipping right-wingers must be hiding in their holes. From now on, the streets cannot be left even for a moment to the forces that are preparing for the Greek Euro-Maidan. The Communist Revolutionary Action issues a call for Thursday at 19.00 at Propylaea, responding to the call issued by ANTARSYA, while at the same time calling every force of the Left and the workers’ movement to participate in the mobilisation.

In any case, should an agreement (either the version submitted by the Greek government or the one submitted by the IMF) be reached and approved by the parliamentary majority, this agreement must be put to a referendum. SYRIZA does not have the slightest degree of legitimacy to sign a third memorandum, let alone to accept the commitments of the previous ones.

  • No to any new memorandum extension agreement
  • Let’s block the plans of the bourgeois counterinsurgency
  • Everybody out in the streets on Thursday, June 25; 19:00 at Propylaea

Athens, 24/6/2105

Communist Revolutionary Action Avantgarde



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